Suspended Ceilings

Install Ceilings & Partitions Ltd specialise in suspended ceilings, partitions and office refurbishment.

Suspended ceilings, also referred to as false ceilings, generally come in three types:

  • Exposed lay-in grid
  • Clip-in ceilings
  • M/F with plasterboard

Lay in grid

Lay in grid ceilings are the most commonly used. A 600 x 600mm or 1200 x 600mm grid is formed with a tile set within. A wide range of tiles are available to suit many situations.

Clip-in Ceilings

Clip-in ceilings are installed generally where the client does not wish to see an exposed grid or where access to the void is restricted. The metal tiles are clipped in to a “T” bar, giving a sleek appearance. Again, a wide range of tiles are available.

M/F Ceilings

M/F ceilings consist of a metal framework being installed and plasterboard fixed to the underside. The plasterboard is then taped and filled or skim plastered to give a monolithic appearance. Multi-layers of boards can be fixed to the framework but it is important to give consideration to loading and specific installation practice.

Feature Bulkhead

A bulkhead is a section of ceiling that has been dropped and boxed-in. Power cables, plumbing, electrical wires and ductwork can be concealed in a bulkhead. Special lighting features can be used in a bulkhead.

Acoustic Performance – Acoustic Ceilings

Install Ceilings & Partitions Ltd can supply and fit Rigitone Acoustic ceiling tiles. Rigitone acoustic ceiling boards allow acoustic performance and creativity. Rigitone is a completely seamless and monolithic ceiling system that is fixed to the British Gypsum CasoLine MF system, which completely removes the grid from sight.

Gyptone suspended ceilings have an integral sound absorbent tissue backing, making Gyptone suspended ceiling tiles and planks the natural choice for creating the ideal acoustic ceiling system. Gyptone combines acoustics with style. Acoustic ceilings can assist privacy in meeting rooms/HR areas and can provide a solution for areas where noise is a concern, ie media or games rooms.

Ceiling Coffers A lowered false ceiling around the perimeter forms a “coffer” effect for LED lights. This creates a clean, modern feel to larger rooms.

The coffer-light feature gives ambience and colour, and opens out a room, creating an added sense of space.

The LED lights can be coloured and controlled remotely.

The feature is perfect in larger areas in domestic properties – kitchen and bathroom extensions, bedrooms, cinema and theatre rooms, and hallways.

It is also perfect in boardrooms, retail areas and counters.

ceiling coffers by Install Ceilings Ltd